Pic of the Week: February 5, 2017

I’m switching things up for this week’s pic by posting something from my archives.  Not that I haven’t been taking photos every day, but because they’ve mostly been of the current moon phase and……….the Atlanta skyline.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some pretty cool photos of both, but I’ve been feeling as though I need to vary the subject matter a bit.

The picture I chose is from last March during one of our weekend getaways to SSI Casa de Playa.  Based on the time of day this was taken, I’m pretty sure we were out on one of our jeep rides.

Why I like this photo….the marshes were still brown and seemed to be absorbing the colors of the setting sun. I also love the reflection of the Egrets (and those other tiny birds) feeding in the mudflats.  I call it “Serenity.”


Field Notes: Focal Length 370mm; Exposure Time 1/1000; Aperture F7.1; ISO 400; Time of Day 6:54p.m.



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