For the Love of Photography – Cuban Chicken Night

It seems that Social Media (I.e. Facebook) has caused a phenomenon of people  taking photos of their food and posting it out there for friends to “ooh” and “ah” over.  Whether it be a gigantic burrito at a favorite Mexican restaurant, or a colorful cocktail from a local watering hole, society is obsessed with taking pictures of food!  But, one thing that drives me crazy is to see a post from a restaurant who is trying to entice you to come in for today’s soup special and it looks like……..well…..let’s just say something very unappetizing.  They may have good intentions and I’m sure that the special is really good, but the photo is NOT going to entice me to try it!

And so, with that I’ve discovered a need (and desire) to expand my skills into food photography.  I’ve always said cooking is an art, so why not try my hand at photographing food?!?

Which leads me to this past weekend when our good friends “JB” and “JB” (husband and wife) invited us over for dinner.   The “JBs” love to cook, grill and fire up their smoker.  Lucky for Michael and I we are often called upon to be the “taste testers.”  It really isn’t a hard job….good food, good drinks, great conversations…..never have we been disappointed!

The menu for the evening was “Cuban Chicken, Black Beans & Rice.” Their method of preparation was a VERY fancy pressure cooker (not your mother’s stovetop pressure cooker with a whistle that blasted like a civil defense siren).



Stand back! She’s going to explode!

As the timer went off and the food rested, I pulled out my camera and flash and began snapping away.


First, the chicken…….


Then the yellow rice………


And, lastly……….the final plating with black beans garnished with a lime…..img_6617-021717-the-plate

And, what’s a great meal without a dog sitting nearby waiting for a morsel or two to drop?!


We’ve had countless “taste tests” at the “JBs” and this one did not disappoint.  Not to mention, what a fun way to practice photography!










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