Pic of the Week – February 19, 2017

I was really struggling with finding the right topic or inspiration, today.   We started out for a jeep ride and of course I had my camera in tow.  There were plenty of sights, but none that were speaking to me.

When we came back in, I decided to switch gears and reverted back to working on another entry for my “Steeples I Have Chased” themes.  As I found myself knee deep into photos and research, Michael signaled to me and pointed to the six string guitar we have hanging in the condo.

As the afternoon sun sets in the West, it tends to light up the condo from many angles, highlighting various objects. Some days we even have rainbows plastered across our walls.

I call this “Movement & Reflections.”  At the right movement of the sun dropping in the West, it catches the strings of the guitar, reflecting off the wall. It’s simple, but unique as the setting sun that brought the highlights together.


P.S. That signature you see on the guitar?! That belongs to Jimmy Buffet…..


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