I have always enjoyed photography.  Whether it be thumbing through a large photo album or a magazine I’ve always been drawn to the pictures and not the words on the page.  There is something magical about the story each picture is telling:  the joys of a first birthday party; the memories of a long awaited vacation; or the moment when two (2) people deeply in love with each other are joined together.  

Writing is another passion, that quite honestly, I had lost touch with.  It wasn’t intentional, but came about because of the many years spent on business correspondence.   Somehow, as time spent in Corporate America passed, I became conditioned to only write brief, concise and non-expressive communications.  I write quick, informing e-mails only taking time to proof for spelling and grammar.

Now, through the wonders of  blogging I can resurface my creative side and unite my two (2) passions.  This is a journey for me and it will take time to fill the pages.  But, it is my hope is that when you visit, the experience will be inspiring enough to bring you back, again. 

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!


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