“There is No Excess of Goodness…..”

"There is no excess of goodness. You can't go too far in the right direction." Quote by C.S. Lewis. Photograph of waves on the sand at sunset. Photograph by Donna Robinson Photography.

“There is no excess of goodness. You can’t go too far in the right direction.” ~C.S. Lewis

I think we need a lot more goodness in the world today. Don’t you?

How will you do your part to bring about more goodness?

Have a great week!


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The Forgotten Railroad

I am a sucker for old, dilapidated architecture whether a building, a bridge or some form of transportation.  So, it was really a no-brainer for Michael to stop the truck so I could take a few shots of what I call “The Forgotten Railroad.” 

It wasn’t much more than the cab and the red caboose sitting off the main road in the town of Hartwell, Georgia. There were no historic markers, no “keep out signs” or anything to stop me from getting a few closeup shots.  In fact the grassy field in front of the train was well manicured as if it was saying “come closer and take a look!”

The Forgotten Railroad

And so while Michael patiently waited, I slipped out of the truck with my camera in tow and walked towards the abandoned structures.  It was the middle of the day and the sun was extremely bright with clear skies.  Not the ideal situation for lighting, but I made it work. 

All Aboard

I would have loved to walk around the train, but the grass was tall underneath and I was trying to avoid any surprise encounters with a snake or any other stray creature.  It was bad enough I had flip flops on and accidentally stepped in an ant bed! 

I look at this tattered seat through the window and wonder who were the travelers? Where we they going? Was this just a local scenic train that traveled the area, or was it part of a bigger transportation system?

Cab 101

How many feet have climbed up on these steps and how many hands have grabbed these rails to take a ride in this cab?

Watch Your Step

And then there’s the red caboose!  Can’t you just imagine the train conductor waving at the cars or pedestrians waiting patiently at the train crossing?

Too bad the red caboose has gone away with technology.  Perhaps people would be a little more patient with a passing train if they new the train conductor and the red caboose would be pulling up the rear!

The Red Caboose

It you look closely, you can still see the rails of the train tracks.  It’s as if they were purposefully laid there to park these last two cars.

End of the line

“One thing about trains: it doesn’t matter where they’re goin’. What matters is deciding to get on!”

~The conductor from “The Polar Express”


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Pic of the Week 071517- “God Winked”

I’ve written about how patience is an important key to getting the right photo at the right time, especially when it comes to wildlife photography.   Hummingbirds are especially challenging as you never know when they will appear, and it seems that as soon as they do appear they take off with lightening speed.  A good friend of mine calls them ” Mother Nature’s fairies!”

While sitting on the back patio this morning, my patience finally paid off and I caught one along with a few honey bees…….I named this photo “God Winked.”

IMG_0586 071517 God Winked


Pic of the Week 051217: Full Moon Rising

Yes, I’ve been away for a while. Life has been life and extremely busy.  But, I’ve still managed to take a “few” photos here and there.  Today, I’m sharing one from the other night.  As the sun was beginning to set in the West, a full moon was rising in the East.

It’s a little transparent because of the sky, and I suppose I could have cropped out a little of the foreground.  But, this is what I saw and captured, so I ran with it!

IMG_9099 051117 Full Moon Rising copyright


Pic of the Week: 03/19/17 “What’s in the Camera?”

Confession time! My 365 photo challenge isn’t quite working out to a photo a day.  That doesn’t mean the camera is just sitting over in a corner collecting dust.  No, instead it just means that I haven’t been as purposeful with my photography as I had hoped to be.  It’s not a bad thing because I still find myself always thinking about photography……always looking for a photo….always picking up the camera.  And, to my husband’s dismay, ALWAYS schlepping  my camera along!

Bottom line, the photographer in me is always looking for a photo…. a memory to capture each and every time I pick up the camera.  And so, this afternoon when I downloaded the photos from my camera there were a total of 71 images from the past week.   Some of these were from my last post (The Magic Lantern – “Faithful Picture Style Setting”) and others were just random moments (photos) that caught my eye.  For those of you with even a sliver of an interest in photography can relate……it’s an obsession…..an instinct that draws you in.

As random as thoughts can be, so can the images on the memory card.  It’s ok that there is no masterpiece photo. It’s ok that I don’t have one particular theme to share with you.  It’s ok, because that random moment I took the photo it was all about a perspective…..a thought.   It’s nothing more than a construction crane, but for some reason as it turned with the wind and the sun began to set it caught my eye,  I snapped a few photos and stashed my camera away for the night.


So, what’s in your camera????






Pic of the Week – February 19, 2017

I was really struggling with finding the right topic or inspiration, today.   We started out for a jeep ride and of course I had my camera in tow.  There were plenty of sights, but none that were speaking to me.

When we came back in, I decided to switch gears and reverted back to working on another entry for my “Steeples I Have Chased” themes.  As I found myself knee deep into photos and research, Michael signaled to me and pointed to the six string guitar we have hanging in the condo.

As the afternoon sun sets in the West, it tends to light up the condo from many angles, highlighting various objects. Some days we even have rainbows plastered across our walls.

I call this “Movement & Reflections.”  At the right movement of the sun dropping in the West, it catches the strings of the guitar, reflecting off the wall. It’s simple, but unique as the setting sun that brought the highlights together.


P.S. That signature you see on the guitar?! That belongs to Jimmy Buffet…..


Pic of the Week: February 5, 2017

I’m switching things up for this week’s pic by posting something from my archives.  Not that I haven’t been taking photos every day, but because they’ve mostly been of the current moon phase and……….the Atlanta skyline.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some pretty cool photos of both, but I’ve been feeling as though I need to vary the subject matter a bit.

The picture I chose is from last March during one of our weekend getaways to SSI Casa de Playa.  Based on the time of day this was taken, I’m pretty sure we were out on one of our jeep rides.

Why I like this photo….the marshes were still brown and seemed to be absorbing the colors of the setting sun. I also love the reflection of the Egrets (and those other tiny birds) feeding in the mudflats.  I call it “Serenity.”


Field Notes: Focal Length 370mm; Exposure Time 1/1000; Aperture F7.1; ISO 400; Time of Day 6:54p.m.



Pic of the Week: January 29, 2017

While this week’s pic may be the same view, The Atlanta Skyline, it’s different in the sense of it’s composition.   One morning as I was getting dressed for work and I noticed the clouds were moving in a direction where they were letting in just enough sunlight forming a halo above the city.  Many of the city lights were still glistening setting it up to be the perfect picture.  I couldn’t resist stopping my morning routine long enough to take a few shots.


Field notes: Time of day 7:14a.m. Est; Focal Length: 135mm; ISO 3200; Aperture 4.5; f stop 5; Exposure Time 1/30 sec



Pic of the Week: January 22, 2017

Wow! Who knew what fun it would lead to by doing a “Pic of the week!”  Several of my friends and family over on Facebook really enjoyed the idea and want to join in. For me personally, I’m enjoying the daily challenge of taking a photo and practicing different techniques.  Michael is even getting in on the action by recommending photos to take!

So here it is, this week’s Pic!  I call this “Flying a Night.”  For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that our condo has one of the most spectacular views of downtown, Atlanta. On a clear night you can see the planes lining up, landing and taking off.

For this photo I used a tri-pod and long exposure settings to accent the planes’ descending (the long streaks in the sky) and to bring out the Vinings Village lights in the foreground.


“Flying at Night”

Field Settings:  Time of night 7:45p.m.; Aperture f6/3; Time Value 30 seconds; Focal Length 32mm (I used my 24 – 105mm lens)