Pic of the Week: 03/19/17 “What’s in the Camera?”

Confession time! My 365 photo challenge isn’t quite working out to a photo a day.  That doesn’t mean the camera is just sitting over in a corner collecting dust.  No, instead it just means that I haven’t been as purposeful with my photography as I had hoped to be.  It’s not a bad thing because I still find myself always thinking about photography……always looking for a photo….always picking up the camera.  And, to my husband’s dismay, ALWAYS schlepping  my camera along!

Bottom line, the photographer in me is always looking for a photo…. a memory to capture each and every time I pick up the camera.  And so, this afternoon when I downloaded the photos from my camera there were a total of 71 images from the past week.   Some of these were from my last post (The Magic Lantern – “Faithful Picture Style Setting”) and others were just random moments (photos) that caught my eye.  For those of you with even a sliver of an interest in photography can relate……it’s an obsession…..an instinct that draws you in.

As random as thoughts can be, so can the images on the memory card.  It’s ok that there is no masterpiece photo. It’s ok that I don’t have one particular theme to share with you.  It’s ok, because that random moment I took the photo it was all about a perspective…..a thought.   It’s nothing more than a construction crane, but for some reason as it turned with the wind and the sun began to set it caught my eye,  I snapped a few photos and stashed my camera away for the night.


So, what’s in your camera????






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