For the Love of Photography – “Walks on Sunday”

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone today and posting photos I took with my cell phone.  You see, our Sunday morning walks are not for the faint of heart! And, schlepping 10lbs of camera gear really isn’t a good idea…..let alone the fact you tend to draw a LOT of attention when you’re carrying a camera around your neck looking like a tourist who just stepped off a cruise ship in the Bahamas!  Trust me……..I speak from experience.

So, when Michael said he had a new path for us this morning and  that it would take us from the Condo down to (and through) Rottenwood  Creek, by The Weather Channel, by the new Braves Stadium and back home……….I decided my handy Samsung 6 would do just fine!

To put into perspective  just how far we walked, this is a picture of our condo. It’s hard to tell, but there are two (2)  major interstates (I-285 and I-75), a six (6) lane parkway (Cobb Parkway), a mall and several hills between where I was standing (in front of the stadium)  and the condo!


2 1/2 hours and 8 miles later we made it back…….I was glad I opted for the cell phone!



5 thoughts on “For the Love of Photography – “Walks on Sunday”

  1. What an excursion! I don’t know that I would have shot any photos since my cell phone is a Samsung 3 and has a lousy camera. If I had known about mirrorless cameras when I started, that’s what I would have gotten into. Good job with the cell phone.

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  2. Sometimes I get my best photos with a cell phone because I’m discovering something without the initial intention of searching out good photos. I think I also find most of my best photographic opportunities on walks–again, not explicitly in search of photos. 🙂


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