Escaping the Winter Blues

I can’t say that our winter here in Atlanta has been so cold that we had to escape. Afterall, we’ve had some warm, sunny days lately when the temperatures have hit the low 80’s. But winter is winter, and it does get cold, gray and rainy (like today).

By the time February comes along we’re ready for a winter escape. And since Michael’s birthday happens to be at the end of the month, we have a pretty solid reason for a road-trip. This year was no different!

We started with our usual halfway point, St. Simons Island, GA and visited with our dear friends Meg and Bart for the evening. It’s always great to visit our friends and this fun little island. If you’ve followed me since the beginning of this blog, you know that at one time we had a vacation home on St. Simons. You can read about our adventures in these posts:

  • SSI Casa de Playa – My first post ever and the name of our little beach house. Our friend Meg came up with the name.
  • Steeples I have Chased – A look at three (3) historical churches located on St. Simons Island
  • The Nutcracker – A cute little story about our Pecan Tree and an ingenious nutcracker my father brought home many, many years earlier.
  • Leaving SSI – Our journey on the island was short and this pretty much sums it up!

But I digress. Today’s post is really about our trip to Amelia Island, FL which is located about an hour south of St. Simons Island. It’s a quaint area and we were fortunate to find a hotel on the beach.

The beach on Amelia Island is wide and beautiful. Our first morning we headed out the hotel and walked three (3) miles (a short walk if you know me and Michael). The mist was just beginning to burn off as the sun was coming up.

A beach shot walking back to the hotel. The sea foam is so beautiful, this photo really doesn’t do it any justice!

Later that day we headed over to Fernandina Beach, FL which is about 10 miles north of Amelia Island, but they’re “technically” part of the same area. It’s a quaint little town, one we’ve visited on multiple occasions!

The main street is lined with shops and restaurants and some of the best antique shops filled with all types of local and national history. There was so much to see in each of the shops! But here are a few of my favorites.

Who doesn’t love an old truck! This one was parked outside the first antique shop we went into. I love the rust and the patina on the bumper.

My favorite booth! Just look at all the vintage cameras and how they’re displayed! Can’t you just imagine the stories each of these cameras have captured throughout the years?

I was a little mesmerized by this display case with all the vintage buttons. Do they even make these anymore?

Yes, “Life is a Beach on Amelia Island.”

Sunrise on our last morning. Had it not been for Michael, I would have missed this shot because I was too busy packing to head home.

Do you find yourself looking for a winter escape? If so, where do you go? Are you after more cold and snow or do you head to warmer climates?

Until next time! “Life is a journey, not a destination. You are the artist, paint what you will.”


Spanish Moss

I’m working on a couple of photography projects and have stumbled across quite a few photos which have been tucked away in the depths of my computer for a very long time.  Photos, I clearly had a purpose for taking (whether it was because they simply caught my eye, or I had a special place or need).

A few of my favorites are of the tall Live Oaks of St. Simons Island with the Spanish Moss draping from the tree limbs.  You can almost feel the warmth from the slivers of light beaming through the tree tops beating down on the ground below.

IMG_0803 030715 Spanish Moss of St Simons Island copyright

This photo is of a park just off Mallory Street, a few short blocks from the pier and the lighthouse.

Spanish Moss thrives in humidity, and can be found in the Southern U.S. and in extreme southern parts of Virginia (source: Wikipedia – Spanish Moss ).  But, did you know Spanish Moss isn’t really a moss, but a member of the Bromeliad family?  Yep, it’s actually a flowering plant which reproduces in one of two (2) ways: through “pups” just like other Bromeliads or seeds carried by the wind.

While researching its history I found a great article written by Celeste Booth: The Story Behind Spanish Moss.  Her article covers everything you would ever want to know about this unique plant, even mentioning an interesting folk lore about how it’s name came from a Spanish explorer Gorez Goz.  It must be a fairly popular folk lore because I ran across it on a few other sites (Florida Memory).

The Legend of Spanish Moss

Credit: State Archives of Florida

Because St. Simons is covered with Live Oaks, Spanish Moss is everywhere perfectly framing and enhancing each scene as it gently sways with the breeze.

There is something so magical and romantic about Spanish Moss……don’t you agree?

Pic of the Week: February 5, 2017

I’m switching things up for this week’s pic by posting something from my archives.  Not that I haven’t been taking photos every day, but because they’ve mostly been of the current moon phase and……….the Atlanta skyline.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some pretty cool photos of both, but I’ve been feeling as though I need to vary the subject matter a bit.

The picture I chose is from last March during one of our weekend getaways to SSI Casa de Playa.  Based on the time of day this was taken, I’m pretty sure we were out on one of our jeep rides.

Why I like this photo….the marshes were still brown and seemed to be absorbing the colors of the setting sun. I also love the reflection of the Egrets (and those other tiny birds) feeding in the mudflats.  I call it “Serenity.”


Field Notes: Focal Length 370mm; Exposure Time 1/1000; Aperture F7.1; ISO 400; Time of Day 6:54p.m.