Thoughts -“Whatever Happened to the Bicycle Bell?”

It seems that everytime we are out walking, all we hear is “ON YOUR LEFT! ON YOUR RIGHT!” being shouted at the top of a biker’s lungs like a marine drill sargent barking off orders.  It’s terrifying……one moment you’re quietly walking down a path, taking in the sights when all of a sudden you’re hurled head first into the early stages of cardiac arrest by those three (3) words……”ON YOUR RIGHT!”  I get it, you want us to know you’re coming and need to pass, but seriously……Whatever happened to the bicycle bell?

brass bicycle bell

Whatever happened to that “brrrrrrng brrrrrrrng” of the bell?  That gentle and friendly ring echoing softly as the rider approaches you.  I know they still exist…….I’ve heard them a few times during our walks.   I’ve heard the rider off in the distance giving their bell a few short taps, politely  letting us know they are behind us……and……we wave “hello” because we still have our wits about us.


The bicycle bell has been around for over 100 years and has evolved just as the bicycle itself.  So, it can’t be that much of an eyesore that it no longer has a place on the bike. We spend hundreds of dollars making sure we have the right clothes, the right shoes and the right helmet…….can’t we spend just a few more dollars for the enjoyment of the sound of the bell instead of yelling at the top of our lungs?

Besides, the bicycle bell can be a great way to add personality to your bike…….coming in all shapes, styles, colors and sizes.


So, here’s to the bicycle bell……may it come back not only as a fashionable bike accessory, but a requirement for the safety of bikers (and all of us walkers).


google images


Post Script:  While we’re talking about cycling, check out this new blogger  Cycling Dutch Girl It’s a blog written by a woman traveling the world on a bicycle. 



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