For the Love of Photography

So, here we are the last week and the last day of the month!  I hope you are enjoying the weekly themes I’ve put together:  “Thoughts,” “Life in Black and White,” “The Magic Lantern” and now this week’s theme, “For the Love of Photography.”   For this topic, I will be sharing some of my favorite photos (both mine and others) and recommending links to other photography blogs.  I’ll try to limit the words to a brief description, captions and camera settings so the photos can tell their stories!

This week’s “For the Love of Photography” theme is the Pacific Coast Highway.  A few years ago my husband and I traveled the PCH between Christmas and New Years, starting in San Diego and ending in San Francisco.  Our theme for the trip came from a Toby Keith song, “No map, no plans, no place to be.” Literally, the only reservations we had was the airline flight and rental car.  Each day we would drive until late afternoon and stop at a local watering hole to ask the locals for recommendations on where to stay for the night.  Most were awesome, others not so much………but that’s a story for another day.



If you’re interested in exploring places from around the world, I recommend checking out “Wallflower Wonderer”   Kirsten (the Wallflower Wonderer) is traveling around the world and visiting some amazing places.   Check out her site/blog for wonderful stories and photos of her adventures.

Until next time!








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