Life in Black And White – “Bursting at the Seams”

In our area of town, it seems as though someone blew a whistle and all of the building contractors set out on a race to swallow up every piece of empty land.  We have roads being widened with mammoth sidewalks, bull dozers moving mounds of dirt and dump trucks lining up to haul it away. And then, there are the cranes……everywhere you turn!

The crux of the growth was the announcement of the Atlanta Braves Baseball Stadium moving from downtown Atlanta to just up the street to Cobb County. It’s still in the city of Atlanta so they don’t have to worry about dropping (or explaining) the name “The Atlanta Braves.” But, to say the move has been without controversy is an understatement (that’s a story for another day).

IMG_0518 021416 Atlanta Braves Stadium copyright

It was a surprise announcement in November, 2013 and with a little over 14 months left before opening day it seems as though the new stadium is rapidly taking shape.

IMG_0548 021416 Atlanta Braves Stadium copyrightStairways and ramps to the grandstands are starting to show signs of life.

IMG_0559 021416 Atlanta Braves Stadium copyrightAnd, the giant frames that will eventually hold the jumbo-trons, scoreboards and lights are beginning to rise above the cranes.

Growing up, I never imagined the Braves Stadium would be within walking distance of my home.  Why would it?  The original Atlanta Fulton County Stadium was torn down to make room for “The Ted” which was built for the 1996 Olympics.  So, it would seem that the Braves would forever remain downtown.

At times it can be frustrating to navigate through the road closures and extra traffic, but we’re beginning to get excited about the transformation to our “little town.” We’re getting excited because they’re building more than just a baseball stadium, they’re building a destination…….a place of year long events, shopping, concerts and much more.

So, welcome to Cobb County “Atlanta Braves”…..we’re glad to have you here!

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