Peddling Through the Fall – Backyard Fun

Fall peaked in Atlanta this past weekend and it was truly spectacular! Everywhere we drove the trees were in full color! Reds, yellows and greens bursting in all their glory. It has been a few years since I have seen such abundance of colors. Perhaps it was the extra rainy summer we had, or maybe Mother Nature just decided to give us a show. For whatever reason, I couldn’t resist stepping out into our backyard and snapping a few photos of the bicycle and birdbaths before the leaves were blown away.

Mid-morning, shooting slightly into the sun! I don’t usually like lens flares, but these just seemed to give the bicycle a little extra personality. What do you think?
One of these is not like the other, can you guess which one? A snapshot looking downward into the birdbath with the leaves floating in the water.
A different perspective of the bicycle. Don’t you just love the baskets full of leaves?
3 birds chatting over some fallen leaves in the birdbath.
That’s a LOT of leaves! I hate to tell him that the wind blew more leaves all over the yard just after he left!

As you can probably tell by the last photo, we have a couple more weeks of leaves falling so I’m hoping to snap a few more photos before they all disappear. How are the Fall colors in your part of the world? I’d love to see your colors!

Until next time, Happy Fall!


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