“The Art of a Handwritten Note”

For quite a while I have been mulling over the idea of creating a line of greeting cards featuring my photography.  So, when the opportunity for early “re-wirement” (i.e. retirement) landed in my lap, I knew it was time to put a plan into motion.  After all, how many times had I told myself: “When I retire I will have time to do this or  I will have time to do that.”

That time arrived in early May and with the “wiring” of Corporate America still running through my veins the planning process began.  Having already selected a few designs I was ahead of the curve, but several tasks still needed to be done: selecting the right paper, packaging, establishing a good price point, photographing the cards, building inventory, branding and most importantly finding the right outlet to sell them.

I may not have stayed completely true to my timelines, but I followed the process.  Yes, there were weeks when I didn’t lift the camera, or do any research.  But, as with any passion that burns deep within us, I was always “thinking” about the collection.

Finally, with all of the tasks completed, I am excited to introduce to you “The Art of a Handwritten Note – A Greeting Card Collection.”  Those of you who have followed me for a while will recognize a few photos from my previous posts……below is a sampling of the cards.

I don’t have any wild expectations from this journey, only to have a little fun and perhaps to brighten someone’s day either through my photography or the personal notes written on each card.

If you would like to read about “the story behind the story” or purchase the greeting cards through my Etsy storefront, you can follow this link to my “project page”   The Art of a Handwritten Note

Thank you in advance for taking a peek at my collection. 🙂



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