Dad’s Backyard

Spring has arrived in Atlanta and it looks like it may finally be here to stay!  Cool morning temps are leading to warmer afternoons. The tree pollen is EVERYWHERE and flowers are starting to bloom.

My Dad has been in the same house for 40+ years and his backyard is covered with red azalea bushes.  He lets them grow naturally (no pruning or fertilizing) and they have become quite large but make a very natural backdrop around his driveway and swimming pool.  They started blooming this week and since I’ve been looking for new images for a Spring collection of my greeting card line (“The Art of a Handwritten Note”)  I decided to take my camera with me on a couple of my daily visits.

These were taken on Wednesday.   It was late afternoon and full sun everywhere so it was difficult getting the right exposure.  Look at all of the unopened buds!

IMG_0952 040319 Dad's Azaleas copyright

There must be hundreds of blooms on this one plant

IMG_0957 040319 Dad's Azaleas copyright

He’s had this ceramic pagoda for 50+ years.  He purchased it for another house we lived in when I was a young child. I remember going with him when he bought it at a local garden center.

IMG_0948 040319 Dad's Azaleas copyright

This plant is growing on the backside of the fence.  A little bare and scrawny, but I love how the blooms look against the weathered wood.

IMG_0950 040319 Dad's Azaleas copyright

Another perspective of the azaleas growing up the weathered fence.

The Dogwood’s are also in full bloom!

IMG_0959 040319 Dad's Dogwoods and Azaleas copyright

Despite the ivy crawling up the trunk, this Dogwood is still thriving!

IMG_0963 Dad's Dogwoods and Azaleas

An upward shot of the Dogwood.  I love how the pine needles and pollen peak through.

This next group I took yesterday.  I couldn’t believe how much more they had bloomed in just a few days.

IMG_0968 040619 Dad's Backyard

We’ve had a lot of fun in and around this swimming pool growing up!


IMG_0996 040619 Dad's Backyard

A different perspective of the pagoda.

IMG_0982 040619 Dad's Backyard copyright

Confederate Jasmine growing wild through the fence.

IMG_7687 040619 Dad's Backyard

A Macro shot of the Confederate Jasmine bloom.


IMG_1005 040619 Dad's Backyard

Growing natural intertwined with the ivy.

IMG_7685 040619 Dad's Backyard

Macro shot of a cluster of blooms


As far as it goes with images for my greeting cards here are a few I may use.  What do you think?



Happy Spring!



8 thoughts on “Dad’s Backyard

  1. Donna, what wonderful memories you must have in that backyard. I love the pagoda, and I think my favorite pictue is the jasmine growing through the fence, just lovely!


  2. Great pics. Very nostalgic! So many memories of his house. It’s an untouched time machine and I love it. The pool pic brought it all back. ❤ especially the 🐊

    Liked by 1 person

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