2018 – Bring It On!

2018 has arrived and like every other year, thoughts of new beginnings, fresh starts and simply put a clean slate are running around in my head.  Thoughts of what I’d like to adjust and accomplish this year are also there with the usual goals at the top of the list: eat better, get more exercise, travel more, take more photos, write more posts, etc..   I’m filled with excitement for what the new year has to offer, despite the unknown that may be waiting around the corner. 

But, if I had to sum things up into a few thoughts/goals for 2018 they would probably look like the following quotes I found on “Pinterest” (the first one I borrowed from my husband):

IMG_5066 Live Every Day Fernandina Beach



IMG_2934 Cardinal 110517 Good Things copyright

Hopefully, if I keep true to these throughout 2018, the other “goals” will all fall into place. What are your thoughts/goals for 2018?

Happy New Year, everyone!







4 thoughts on “2018 – Bring It On!

  1. Happy new year Donna!! Love your pictures and quotes! Can I post a few on my Facebook page? Would love to share them. 😀

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  2. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous cardinal pic! Happy New Year Donna! I love the quotes, especially living everyday…I wish you all the best in 2018 and look forward to more pictures and posts:)

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