Thoughts: “I’ll Take The “Other White Stuff”

I really don’t remember the last time we had this much snow in December.  Yes, we had snow in December, and even on Christmas Day but by the standards of the mid-westerners it was nothing more than a dusting.  If you have ever lived in Atlanta during the snow (or ice as we mostly get) you know all too well that 7 – 10 inches is a rare occurrence for us!

And, because it is so rare the weather forecasters’ predictions were a little off (we were only suppose to get “flurries.”)  By 3 p.m. last Friday we already had about 2 inches and the snow was coming down fast.  It didn’t take long for me to pull the camera out!


By Saturday morning, there was the most beautiful blanket of snow covering everything in site!

IMG_3792 120717 Atlanta Snowcopyright

You would think we were in the mid-west with all of this snow!

IMG_3791 120817 Atlanta Snow Sansanqua Cameila copyright

A Sansanqua Camellia bud peaks through the snow!

IMG_3825 120917 Atlanta Snow Copyright

Look at all the snow covering up the pansies!


Fortunately, the roads weren’t too bad and we were able to venture out later in the morning.   The photo below was taken as we crossed the Chattahoochee River.  I just love how the birds are lined up on the power lines as if to keep them safe from the freezing water.

IMG_3866 120917 Atlanta Snow copyright

The sun has been out the last couple of days, the temperature is beginning to rise and the snow is melting away.  Our little Winter Wonderland was nice while it lasted, but I think I’m ready for the “other white stuff……….”  a nice sandy beach and a warm ocean next to it!

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