Thoughts: “Hummingbird, Don’t Fly Away”

Ah, Fall is finally here!  The temperature is dropping and the colors are starting to pop on the trees.  The coolness and the crispness in the air have started bringing everyone back out of their homes to enjoy this beautiful change of season.

Fall, is definitely my favorite time of year!

But, sadly, I think it also means my little hummingbirds have already migrated a little farther South.   I’ve been watching the feeders pretty closely the past few weeks and have noticed that the water levels simply aren’t dropping.  I even continue to change the water, thinking the fresh water may keep them around a little while longer……..I don’t think it’s helping.

I’ve so enjoyed them this summer and I think at one count we had three (3).  As the summer progressed (and so did my patience watching them) they seemed to come around more often and at times just hang out on the same branch in between feedings.

And so, today, I share with you a few of my favorite photos from this summer, along with a music clip from Joe Bonamassa’s  performance at Carnegie Hall of “Hummingbird.”  The song was originally written/produced by the late Leon Russell.  I just love this song…….the chorus reminds me of my summer encounters with these wonderful little fairies.

“Oh, she’s little and she loves me
And it’s my lucky day
Hummingbird don’t fly away”

Joe Bonamassa “Hummingbird” Carnegie Hall


Happy Sunday……..and Fall (y’all)!



5 thoughts on “Thoughts: “Hummingbird, Don’t Fly Away”

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  2. WOW! Donna-you really captures these little beauties!! I love them all but particularly the ones of the hummingbirds sitting on the branches! I’ve never seen that-they just flit in and out so quickly. Definitely framable images!

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