For the Love of Photography: “It’s a Feeding Frenzy!!!”

So, it’s been five (5) months since we moved into our new home.  For the most part, all of the moving containers have been emptied, neatly tucked away behind closet doors or buried in the back of the storage room.  Funny how all kinds of emotions and thoughts pop up when you move……especially when you look around at all of the “stuff” you’ve collected over the years. “Stuff” that you spent two thirds of your life collecting, only to find yourself spending the last one third of your life trying to give away!  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a pack rat, but I would say I’m a “memory keeper.”  They are different, right?!?!?

Now that we have our own backyard, again, I’m finding  one of my favorite things to do is to sit on the patio and watch the wildlife entertainment.   With five (5) hanging bird feeders, two (2) hummingbird feeders, a birdbath and several ground feeders we seem to be attracting critters from all around the area.

At any given time we’ve had a multitude of  squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, cardinals, doves and a variety of finches circling around.  But, the squirrels clearly own the feeders and tend to drain them fairly quickly as you can see from these morning and afternoon shots below……..


I mean, seriously!  These squirrels will do anything to get to the food.  Talented beyond any trapeze artist, they will find a way to conquer the feeder!


IMG_0406 071117 Squirrels

Coming in for breakfast!


IMG_0060 070617 Squirrels Feeding Frenzy

You would think this guy would make it easy on himself and go for the regular bird feeders.

IMG_0050 070617 Squirrels Feeding Frenzy copyright

I guess they must really like the suet bricks!



IMG_2472 copyright

Those back feet must really be strong!



IMG_2484 Squirrel copyright

I’ve been wondering why my flowers haven’t been growing, lately!


IMG_0872 072217 Spider Squirrel

Checking out the drain for food!

I’m willing to bet that we’ve spent a couple of hundred dollars on sunflower seeds, already…….thank goodness Costco sells it in bulk!





8 thoughts on “For the Love of Photography: “It’s a Feeding Frenzy!!!”

  1. Love this story Donna, and the pix. I want tell you what my father in law does with all of the chipmunks who eat his flowers/food. 😬
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