Lens-Artist Challenge #213 – Here Comes the Sun

This week Amy has chosen the theme “Here Comes the Sun.” In her post she writes “explore the sunlight and things under the sun, whether it’s in the morning, middle of the day, and/or before sun goes down.”

Michael and I have been very fortunate to travel many places together on this big round ball and we’ve seen our share of sunrises and sunsets. But for this particular challenge I decided on a selection of photos from right here at home in Atlanta, GA.

Several years ago, we lived in a high-rise condominium which had a Southern facing view of Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown Atlanta. A city scape may not sound all that appealing but let me tell you it was a different view every day. We never grew tired of sitting on our balcony looking at the changing scenery….condo living, yes. But the view never!

Depending on the time of year and the weather we had some spectacular sunrises like the one below. The mist you see in the foreground is coming up off the Chattahoochee River which meanders its way through Atlanta.

Watching the storms roll in any time of the day was incredible. Sometimes the sky would just open up in one area of town, while the sun was shining everywhere else.

But at sunset after a rain, Mother Nature had a way of painting the city in a manner only she was capable of doing.

And sometimes, that included a rainbow or two after the storm. If you look closely in the photo above, you can see the faintness of a rainbow just to the right of the city.

In the photo below you can see the outline of a second rainbow. I have so many photos of rainbows I could probably devote an entire post to them!

Our building was also in the flight pattern for Dobbins Air Force base, and they frequently gave us quite the show. This was taken at sunset during one of the C-130’s touch and goes at sunset.

As much as we didn’t care for condo living, I have to admit our time there was very pivotal for my photography, because it gave me so many opportunities to practice and sharpen my skills. For instance, using my 200 – 400mm lens for shooting wildlife in mid-flight like this hawk out searching for its next meal.

Thank you, Amy for this challenge which allowed me the opportunity to stroll down memory lane and re-live some of our views from the condo.

Next week, Leya/Ann-Christine will have a new theme for us. If you would like to participate in our weekly Lens-Artists Challenge, just click this link and join us on Saturdays at noon EST: Lens-Artist Challenge.

Until next time,


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