Lens-Artists Challenge #195 – Colorful Expressions

Today I’m joining a VERY talented group of photographers and their weekly “Lens-Artists Challenge.” I’ve wanted to jump in a quite a few times but when fellow photographer, Anne Sandler popped up as the lead for this week’s challenge I knew it was time to join in.

In this week’s challenge Anne invites us to explore color and the way it influences our images. To me, color brings so many emotions and feelings to a photograph. Like the blend of orange, yellow and gold in a sunset over the ocean which bring about the feeling of peace and relaxation at the end of long day.

Or how about the colors of a garden? We try to keep a variety of colors in our garden because they attract so many birds and critters. All of the different colors and the critters they attract bring on the feelings or joy and happiness and are the perfect pick-me-up to brighten anyone’s day!

Even in the wintertime when the ground is covered with snow a subtle pop of color can bring life to any dull or gray image.

Sometimes, though, when I take photos, I do see them only in black and white. Like this photo of an old antique barn my husband and I stumbled upon years ago in the North Georgia Mountains. It was a cold, snowy, December day and the only way I could visualize this photo coming to life was in two colors – black and white. For me, there are times when it’s necessary to strip away the other colors to see and feel the soul of the photograph.

So, how did I do for my first lens challenge? Many thanks to Anne for this fun and thought-provoking topic. I’m looking forward to seeing what next week’s challenge has to offer.

Until next time!



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8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #195 – Colorful Expressions

  1. Brilliant work. I love the berries peeking from the snow. With spring on the horizon, that was just lovely. I loved the blue hydrangeas the best. We can’t grown them here, and I love them. Thanks for this lovely post! Donna


  2. Donna, great post! I’m so excited that you joined in. This is a perfect post for this challenge. You showed us colors and how you feel about them. And I love the black and white. Without color, we wouldn’t have the tonal quality in the black and white image. You did great. I hope you continue with us. Take Care.


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