Red Sky in the morning……

Beautiful Atlanta Sunrise

“Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.” This photo doesn’t do the morning sky justice, but I couldn’t resist trying to capture the moment. ⁠

BTW, see that big tower in the background? That’s soon to be the new North American Headquarters for Thyssenkrupp Elevator Company. It’s over 400 feet tall and is located next to the Braves Stadium. Michael has literally watched this come out of the ground when there was nothing more than a pile of dirt. Take a close look, you’ll be seeing more of this when it’s complete. 😉⁠

Happy Thursday!⁠

#redskyinthemorning #sunrise #atlanta #thyssenkrupp #daybreak #morning #wintermornings #photography #photoops #viewfrommywindow #donnarobinsonphotography ⁠

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