A Fall Walk in the Park

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. There is something so wonderful and special about the cooler weather and changing colors of the leaves. In the Fall, Mother Nature has a way of nudging us to slow down and pause.

And so, with Mother Nature nudging me to pause last week, I couldn’t help but combine a little bit of exercise with a photography outing. Even though we live in the city we are surrounded by several county and federal parks with the Chattahoochee River meandering through and alongside most of them.

For my exercise/photography outing I was hoping to capture some of the wild birds camping out on the river. But, it was high that day and the rocks where they normally rest were completely submerged. So I had to settle for some landscape opportunities instead.

This particular park is loaded with several little creeks which the deer and other wildlife feed from. This stream is about a mile into the park.

A small creek just off the main path.

I was just making the final turn of the path and had to go back because the path was flooded. It wasn’t deep and I’ve used the stepping stones before (with Michael’s help, of course), but since I had my camera with me I didn’t want to risk being thrown off balance.

I’m actually glad I had to turn around, because I was able to get this great shot of the inside path loop. Don’t you just love how the trees frame the path?

It may not have been a good “bird siting” day, but I did manage to get a little bit of wildlife into my photos. This little, fuzzy caterpillar was just hanging out on the ragweed (at least I think it’s ragweed).

As I mentioned earlier, there are several creeks running through this particular park.

As for the exercise portion of my outing, the path is a 3.52 miles around and my Fitbit tracked me with 4.5 miles. I’ll take it!

Here’s to the Fall!


7 thoughts on “A Fall Walk in the Park

  1. Beautiful!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I thought of you this week. I talked with Sonya Gabbana on a project, and she is having a really tough time through the COVID lockdown in Canada. She lives by herself and has been unable to see her family all year. 😞

    I feel for her and glad we live in USA with space to get outdoors!

    Take care,

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