For the Love of Photography “The Accidental Sunflower Garden”

We keep our birds and critters amply supplied with sunflower seeds.  We have multiple feeders, both in the trees, on the ground and we also scatter a few piles of seed on the walls.  So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when two (2) sunflowers popped up in our backyard a few weeks, ago.

A first, we thought these were weeds, but as the buds began to grow we realized we had an “accidental sunflower garden” in the works.

IMG_6007 062318 The Accidental Sunflower Garden copyright

Randomly perched on the wall above the bird feeders and other plants, these scraggly looking flowers have brightened our garden for the past few weeks.

IMG_6304 070318 Accidental Sunflower

While I’ve seen the hummingbirds feed from them I think the bees have enjoyed the sunflowers the most.

IMG_6255 063018 The Accidental SunflowerIMG_6273 063018 The Accidental Sunflower

I just love sunflowers…..don’t you?  They are simple, yet elegant flowers which stretch tall above the others reaching up to the sky with bright and cheery faces as they follow the daily movement of the sun.

According to Greek Mythology, the reason why sunflowers follow the sun is based on the story of Apollo and Clytie, a nymph, who adored Apollo.  In the beginning, he loved her too, but soon he fell in love with Leucothoe.  Clytie became so jealous she told Leucothoe’s father of the relationship and he punished her by burying her alive.  In anger of what happened, Apollo turned her into a flower. Clytie continued to love Apollo and spent her days watching him as he moved the sun across the sky in his chariot, just like sunflowers move to face the sun.  There are several versions of this myth, but I found this particular version, along with its various cultural meanings and symbols on the following site:   FTD Sunflower Meaning and Symbolism

IMG_6281 063018 The Accidental Sunflower

As you start your weekend, here’s a little weekend advice from a sunflower (credit Pinterest Pin – author unknown):

“Be bright, sunny and positive;

Spread seeds of happiness;

Rise, shine and hold your head high!”


Happy Friday, everyone!


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