For the Love of Photography – National Public Gardens Day at the Swan House

“Did you know there is a “National Public Gardens Day?”  I sure didn’t, but when I read about it on the Atlanta History Center website, and they said in honor of the day you could tour the Swan House Gardens…….FOR FREE….I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a photo outing.  And, since it’s way more fun having a fellow photographer with you I invited my friend and sister-in-law, Janice to join me.

IMG_5276 Swan House copyright

Front of The Swan House.  This photo really doesn’t do it justice.

IMG_5261 051118 Swan House copyright

The driveway leading to The Swan House.   We tried to get in but our “garden tour” stickers were a dead giveaway that we didn’t pay for that part of the tour!


While most of the floral was in transition (azaleas and rhododendrons had long dropped their blooms) the summer greenery was vibrant.

IMG_5300 051118 Swan House path copyright

A beautiful trail leads the way

There was so much to see on the grounds…..there were even statues in the middle of the trail;

IMG_5280 051118 Swan House Peace Tree Statue copyright

And, historic farmhouses which had been moved to the property for preservation,


IMG_5302 051118 Swan House Cabin copyright

The Wood Family Cabin. It’s original location was near the Chattahoochee River, not far from where the Creek Village of Standing Peachtree once stood.

IMG_5305 051118 Swan House Log Cabin copyright

A closer look of the Wood Family Cabin. 


There were even life-size playhouses built for the original owner’s children!  This was my favorite……the Victorian Playhouse.

IMG_5332 051118 Swan House Victorian Playhouse copyright

It was such a fun outing and a great way to practice those photography skills!  I was so glad I brought along a second camera so that I could use my macro lens!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Weather wise, I couldn’t have picked a better day as there was so much natural light… flash needed.


IMG_5317 051118 Swan House Log Cabin copyright

Inside the Wood Family Cabin

IMG_5408 051118 Through the Door copyright

Looking through one of the cabins on the Smith Family Farmsite


Here’s to a new week with new adventures!

Until next time…








6 thoughts on “For the Love of Photography – National Public Gardens Day at the Swan House

  1. It looks like your retirement is off to a fun start! What a beautiful place, and I agree, that victorian playhouse was something….lucky kids! Thanks for sharing, beautiful pictures as always! 🙂

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