Spring Cleaning

I couldn’t help but to get out and enjoy the Spring like weather last weekend. Clear skies and temps knocking on the high 60’s/low 70’s made it very tempting to wander out into the yard and start the prep-work for Spring planting.

My container gardens have all been emptied of the dead annuals from last fall, withered branches from other plants have been snipped, the bird bath cleaned and filled with fresh water and the garden has been cleared (for the most part) of the weeds. With the exception of fresh bark for the garden and bright, colorful plants for my containers, we’re ready for Spring! And, yes……..I’ve even filled the Hummingbird feeders in hopes they will migrate early this year!

IMG_4407 030418 Hummingbird Feeders copyright

It was also perfect for sitting outside and watching the birds and other critters enjoying the warmer weather.

IMG_4433 030518 Cardinals and Finch copyright

A Finch and Cardinals feed together

And, of course the other little critters, “Mr. Chipmunk” and our “Squirrel Friends” were out scavenging for some food!

Unfortunately, as I write this post, the temps in Atlanta have dipped to the 30’s with rain expected most of this weekend……it looks like “Spring Cleaning” will be moving indoors. Fingers crossed, the low temps are short lived and we’ll be moving back outside next week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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