Thoughts: Looking Back to Look Forward

As we were ringing in 2017, my husband and I found ourselves doing what we enjoy the most, watching concert music videos.  Our choice for the evening……”The History of the Eagles.”  If you haven’t seen this, it’s one of the best rock documentaries out there.  With interview clips of each of the band members, it is a well produced history of how they came to be.

But, the one interview that has always stood out to us both is with Joe Walsh and a quote he has about life and being with The Eagles:  You know, there’s a philosopher who says, “As you live your life, it appears to be anarchy and chaos, and random events, non-related events, smashing into each other and causing this situation or that situation, and then, this happens, and it’s overwhelming, and it just looks like what in the world is going on. And later, when you look back at it, it looks like a finely crafted novel. But at the time, it don’t.”

And so, as I look back on 2016 and the “random, non-related events smashing into each other,”   I’m humbled by the experiences that came together throughout the year and grateful for my husband, our family, our friends and acquaintances who were part of those events.  While the 2016 chapter is closed, done, and finished I embrace 2017 for it’s new beginnings, for it’s hopes of health, prosperity and new “random, non-related events” to come.

Thank you for being a part of my photography/blog journey.  My hope to you in the coming year is that through my blogs you find inspiration to do whatever it is you want to do and be as your finely  crafted novel evolves.

“Life is a journey, not a destination……….You are the artist, paint what you will.”

A Few of My Favorite 2016 Post Photos

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