Life In Black & White -“Fancy Honey”

Today, I’m sharing with you another of my favorite sights along The Golden Isles Parkway (Hwy.341) in Georgia…”Fancy Honey – The Altamaha Apiaries.”  We must have passed it about hundred times on our journey back and forth to St. Simons and it wasn’t until our last trip that we finally stopped to take a few photos.


I couldn’t help but wonder about the history of this little, abandoned store, located in Gardi, GA.  So, I did a little research and quickly found out this is a very popular landmark to photograph.  Built around 1900, it was originally a post office and general store.  The Fore family purchased the building in 1941 to expand their honey business.

If you go back and look at earlier photographs (see Buzz Kill below), you can tell that the building is slowly fading away.  As we drove around the building you can see remnants of scattered hive boxes peering beneath overgrown vines and brush.

From what I have been able to find out it is still in the family.  Perhaps just like my earlier post about the neatly kept, but empty house with water tower and wind mill (For the Love of Photography – “Gone But Not Forgotten” ) the family has many memories handed down from generation to generation that they can not bear to part with it.   Whatever the reason may be, I’m glad it’s still around and thankful to have made the stop before it completely faded away.

For more information about this unique building, please visit these links below:

  1. Buzz Kill – Great photo series of other abandoned apiaries.
  2. Sleepy town called Gardi a haven from big-city bustle – Interesting interview with a family member who owns the building.
  3. Vanishing South Georgia – A wonderful blog by Brian Brown from Fitzgerald, Georgia.







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