Thoughts – “Awaken”

For as many sunrise photos I have taken from our balcony in Atlanta, but for some reason the sunrises over the ocean inspire me the most.

IMG_1654 040916 Sunrise SSI

It could be the effort it takes to pull myself out of bed on our weekend-cations and  (although short) the drive to the other side of the island which make the sunrises more meaningful.

IMG_1690  040916 Sunrise Goulds Inlet SSI

Or, it could be the promise of adventures planned for the day…….

IMG_1664 040916 Awaken Goulds Inlet SSIIMG_1704  040916 Sunrise Launch Goulds Inlet SSI

Most likely, though it’s the simple pleasure of watching Mother Nature “Awaken.”

IMG_1691 040916 Sunrise Goulds Inlet

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