Life in Black And White

The country singer, Jamey Johnson has a song titled “In Color.”  In the song he is talking with his Grandpa, asking him about photos that are obviously in black in white.  As the song goes on his grandfather says “……And if it looks like we were scared to death
like a couple of kids just trying to save each other you should’ve seen it in color.”

I have always loved black and white photography because of the simplicity and timelessness of the photo. Black and white photos are magical in that they draw the viewer into photo, making a personal connection. A connection that let’s the viewer create the story.

I used to take a great deal of photos in black and white, especially landscapes and architecture, but it seems like the past few years I’ve only been “seeing life in color.”  To help me spend more time taking black and white photos, I plan to call one of my weekly themes “Life in Black & White.”   I haven’t decided whether or not there will be a specific subject for that week, or just a collection of photos…….so stay tuned as this evolves.

For this first entry, I pulled a few photos from my archives.  I know the stories of these photos “in color,” but what story do they tell to you?




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