Watching the Storms Roll In

My husband and I live in a condominium which has a panorama skyline spanning from Buckhead to Mid-town to Down-town to the Atlanta  Airport.  It is a spectacular view that changes daily and often times with each passing moment.

Depending on the time of year, you can experience some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets, each one unique in their own beauty.

The cooler temperatures of the Fall bring some of the most mesmerizing sunrises with vibrant colors of the sky and  mist hovering over the Chattahoochee River which seems to almost mirror the brushstrokes of the clouds.


Sunrise coming up behind Buckhead

In the Summer, the shifting angle of the sun oftentimes will paint the city with a soft, muted pallet as it begins to set.

IMG_3192 Pink Sunset over Atlanta copyright

Pink Sunset over Atlanta

But to me, even more unique and spectacular are the storms as they roll in.  In a matter of minutes the weather and the view can change:

Sunny skies turn dark and gloomy; IMG_8454 081814 copyright

Or,  showers and rainbows will cover a portion of the city while the rest of the skyline shines brightly;IMG_2853 072212 Rainbow Shower copyright

The dry, humid summertime weather can also bring heat lightening dancing across the city;IMG_3292 Lightening Strikes copyright

One weekend morning, I was up early and decided to have coffee on the balcony to watch the sun come up.  Looking Eastward (towards Buckhead) as the sun was beginning to make its appearance the sky was turning a pinkish/orange color.   When I looked West (behind me) the clouds were starting to build and I could tell we were in for a little rain.  In a matter of minutes this was my view……..a sunrise rain shower:IMG_9742 101114 Sunrise Storm

“When life seems to be so ordinary, I step out on my balcony to see what I can see; And, take in all it’s beauty whether sun or brewing storm may be.”

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