“And Then There Were Butterflies”

I’ve learned over the past few summers, that butterflies and hummingbirds go hand in hand. I don’t know if there is science behind it, but I do know butterflies are a sure sign the hummingbirds will be right by their side.

And so it happened the other day, this beautiful eastern tiger swallowtail made its appearance! Just as we were sitting down on our deck, Michael turned around and pointed to the smaller butterfly tree and there this little guy was.

Bashful at first, he floated his way over to the larger tree and gave me a beautiful show. And, the hummingbirds?? We have two (2) this year and they are all over the feeders, the tree and other plants. I even saw one this morning, next to a butterfly!

I think I have a new challenge! Capturing a hummingbird and butterfly together!

Stay tuned!


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