Pic of the Week 051217: Full Moon Rising

Yes, I’ve been away for a while. Life has been life and extremely busy.  But, I’ve still managed to take a “few” photos here and there.  Today, I’m sharing one from the other night.  As the sun was beginning to set in the West, a full moon was rising in the East.

It’s a little transparent because of the sky, and I suppose I could have cropped out a little of the foreground.  But, this is what I saw and captured, so I ran with it!

IMG_9099 051117 Full Moon Rising copyright


For the Love of Photography – “From Flip Flops to Snow Boots”

From a weather standpoint the first week of January has been somewhat of a roller coaster.  The beginning of the week we found ourselves wearing flip flops, but ending the week bundling up in layers of long johns, gloves and snow boots!

The local Atlanta weather forecasters had the entire city on “Blizzard Alert,” with everyone racing to the grocery stores wiping out all of the milk, eggs and bread.  But, as usual, we only ended up with a little ice in the trees and a dusting…..not as pretty as the snow that the suburbs had, but pretty enough to give our little town of Vinings some glitter in the early dawn hours.


The coming week looks like Mother Nature is going to do an about face and the temps will be gradually rising to above average highs.  I suppose I should keep those flip flops handy!