30 Days of Hummingbirds – Day 30

📸30 Days of Hummingbirds – Day 30📸          

Well folks, this concludes my “30 Days of Hummingbirds” photography challenge.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have enjoyed the challenge of capturing these beautiful little creatures.

So what did I learn?  Take a look:

  1. It’s ok to push the ISO during the “blue hour” in order to gain light while maintaining a fast shutter speed;
  2. The faster the shutter speed (and higher ISO) the more detail you’ll get;
  3. Patience and quickness go hand in hand when photographing hummingbirds;
  4. A trip to South America to visit the Hummingbird preserves is now on my Photography Bucket List!

There are a lot of great professional hummingbird photographers out there.  If you’re on Instagram below are a couple that I follow:



Thanks again for following along with me.


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