A Wink, a Smile and a Wave Goodbye!

If you’ve followed me for the last few years, you know I’m easily entertained by  Hummingbirds. I have two (2) feeders hanging in our garden just above the bicycle, surrounded by plenty of color from the knock-out roses, petunias and the butterfly bushes.

IMG_1392 050319 Peddling into the weekend copyright

I could literally sit for hours watching these little fairies feed! There is just something so magical about them. Perhaps it’s their small and mighty stature.  Most likely though it’s the challenge of getting the right shot before they speed away!

IMG_2670 071919 Hummingbirds copyright

IMG_2655 Hummingbirds copyright

So imagine how excited I was to see our granddaughter’s hummingbird feeder and all the activity around it. Our son and daughter-in-law purchased a new, all red glass feeder this year and hung it just outside their kitchen window to better watch them feed. They said it didn’t take long to attract the hummingbirds and it quickly became a non-stop feeding frenzy!

IMG_2953 081119 Reagan's Hummingbird copyright

It seems the consistent bright red color of the feeder draws them in. This little guy put on quite the show for me that afternoon.  Literally, just when you thought his feeding was over he reappeared dancing around feeder taking quick little sips of the nectar.

IMG_2956 081119 Reagan's Hummingbird copyright

IMG_2963 081119 Reagan's Hummingbird copyright

It was almost as if he knew I was watching him, because just like that he turned and peered into the window as if to give me “A Wink, a Smile and a Wave Goodbye.”

IMG_2971 081119 Reagan's Hummingbird copyright