52 Week Challenge: Week 2 – “My Everyday”

So, the theme for this past week was all about “My Everyday.”  It was a pretty good theme, challenging me more to think about “the story” of my everyday, versus really practicing photography skills.

Here’s a glimpse into “My Everyday:”

img_9814 010819 my every day

“The Workout” – I try to make it a priority to squeeze in 5 days a week, either through cardio or resistance training.  These are my “indoor shoes” and my “outdoor shoes.”    

img_9827 011119 dad's workshop

“The Master Tinkerer” – I had some help with the theme this week from my Dad.  He will be 91 next month and is still extremely active.  I’m blessed that “My Everyday” includes spending time with him.  He ALWAYS has a project to work on and I’m slowing catching on.


img_9833 011119 my every day dad's workshopimg_9841 011919 my every day dad's workshop

img_9842 011119 my every day dad's workshop

“The Workshop” –  The three (3) pictures above are of Dad’s workshop.  He has a tool for EVERYTHING and every tool has an assigned space.  Trust me, if he sends you out to his workshop to find a tool it will be EXACTLY where he said it would be!

img_9823 010919 my every day

The “End of the Day” – This is a pretty good representation of how most of my days come to an end.  A refreshing beverage, a cozy fire, good music and long conversations with my husband.

Obviously, there is more to my “Everyday” but the above seem to sum it up the best.  I’m humbled and blessed I have the health and the time to enjoy each.

The theme for Week 3 is “Out of Focus.”  Wish me luck!