“Without Rain, Nothing Blooms…..”

“Without rain, nothing blooms. Learn to embrace the storms in your life.” ~unknown⁠

While not all storms are created equal they do serve a necessary purpose in our lives. They break us down, they nurture us and we grow from the process.⁠

Are you embracing your storms?


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Back at Your Passion

“Monday is not the day to be back at the grindstone. Monday is the day to be back at your passion. If you’re working for the weekend you’re doing it wrong. Give it your all EVERYDAY!” ~unknown

I can honestly say I found myself working for the weekend when I was in Corporate America. Every now and then it’s ok, but what if we think about our careers as the fuel to our passion, perhaps our perspective of Monday’s would improve.

What is your passion? How will you give it your all everyday?

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