National “Thinking of You” Week

💐 ⁠⁠Today marks the beginning of “National Thinking of You Week” and I can’t think of a better way to let someone know they are being thought of than by sending them a personal, handwritten note!

In a world full of instant text messages and e-mails there are so many benefits to writing a personal note:

📝You’ll brighten someone’s day – It’s such a special feeling to open the mailbox and find an unexpected note from a friend or loved one. When someone takes the time to pick out the right card, write out a personal message, stamp and address an envelope and then drop it in the mail, it demonstrates to the receiver they are important, appreciated and cared about.

📝It’s good for your own health – There are a couple of ways it’s good for your health. First, the act of writing is a therapeutic and calming stress reducer. Another positive health benefit is the act of doing good for others.

📝 You create a lasting memory – Notes are permanent keepsakes (and a piece of history) from loved ones long after they are gone. So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and grab that pen and paper and get started today! And, of course if you need to stock up on some “Thinking of You” or other unique greeting cards and photography gifts then pop on over to my Etsy shop by following or copying this link in your browser👉👉⁠