The Art of a Handwritten Note – A Greeting Card Collection

A few years ago I wrote a post titled The Elegance of a Handwritten Note shortly after receiving not one (1), but two (2) handwritten notes in the same week.  And, more special than the sentiment of each of the author’s words, was the fact they each took the time to think about what they wanted to express and handwrite their notes.

Ever since that post I have had the idea of using different photos I have taken over the years and creating a line of greeting cards. They wouldn’t be fancy, but the photos would somehow mirror the sender’s thoughts behind their notes…..whether it be a simple “thanks,” “just thinking of you,” “congratulations” or whatever the purpose may be. I even thought about coming up with a unique package which would make them special enough to be given away as a gift set.

And so, after taking early retirement this year from Coca-Cola, I decided to bring my idea to life and created “The Art of a Handwritten Note” Greeting Card Collection.  With eleven (11) unique designs available, each note card measures 3 1/2″ x 5″ and is blank inside for personalization.  Each set consists of eight (8) cards/envelopes neatly packed in a drawstring organza bag.

This first collection (shown below) may be purchased on-line through my Etsy Shop at: DRPHOTOGSTUDIO .  I welcome you to pop-over to my store and take a look around.

I hope you enjoy this collection…….please feel free to send questions via the comment box or via e-mail (contact info on home page).




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